Monday, January 24, 2011

Take Advantage of a “Bonanza” Market Opportunity

There is an extremely large energy development in oil (Williston, North Dakota) that is seeking Pierce County businesses to supply much needed peripheral services/products associated with infrastructure.

Tom Rolfstad, Executive Director for the Williston Economic Development, met with a group of local business leaders last week to speak on the abundant opportunities for our local businesses to share in. Williston is experiencing a huge construction boom resulting from the development of the largest shale oil deposits (in the Bakken formation) currently underway. This translates to the availability of thousands of jobs and concurrently, the need for infrastructure.

According to the Williston Wire, Williston’s building permits for 2010 hit a record of $106.2 million, trouncing the previous year’s record of $44.6 million.

Now here is a market ready-made for you to take advantage of!

You can explore options on the differing business development at the Williston Development foundation’s website, click here.

Read about the recent history of economic growth for Williston here.

Find exclusive news (both current and archived) on what’s happening in Williston on the Williston Wire, click here.

Stay tuned to the Chamber’s Live Wire blog for more information...

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