Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pierce County Results as of today @ 5:00 pm

The latest results from the Pierce County Auditor's office and Secretary of State have established a trend showing those candidates leading last night -- despite the narrow margin -- will likely maintain their lead for the remaining vote counts over the next few days.

Senator Patty Murray has a 25,000 vote lead over Dino Rossi statewide. While Rossi has a lead in Pierce County, it remains at a 3,000 vote difference. Without growing traction in Pierce County and other counties outside of King County, it will be difficult for him to win.

Dispite currently losing Pierce County to Dick Muri, U.S. Representative Adam Smith has maintained his lead throughout the entire district.

Challenger Hans Zeiger's lead over state Representative Dawn Morrell has dropped to only 24 votes now.

Laurie Jinkins has a lead of 2,000 votes against opponent Jake Fey, which has not changed substantially from last night.

Pierce County Councilmember Shawn Bunney leads in his home county against opponent Cathy Dahlquist, a fellow Republican. Her lead in her home county of King County is larger by 2,800 votes allowing her to maintain a lead of 1,700 votes total.

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