Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Money Flows Unexpectedly

With the recent Supreme Court decision freeing up campaign spending by corporations and labor unions, most of the media ink/electrons has focused on freed corporate spending dominating the campaign coffers, and ignoring the freedom extended to unions with the same decision.

Well, so far, that hasn't been the way it is happening.  The findings are an indication that corporate money is not yet flooding into campaigns as many predicted would happen after the landmark decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

The Washington Post reports that labor unions have dominated spending on independent campaign ads so far this election season, despite the recent Supreme Court decision.  The U.S. Chamber notes that so far this year, $24.7 million in independent spending has been reported to the FEC, campaign filings show. Unions have spent $9.7 million (39 percent of the total), compared with $6.4 million (26 percent) spent by individuals and $3.4 million spent by corporations (13.8 percent).

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