Friday, April 2, 2010

Council Study Session on Shorelines Sparks Action

We offer our kudos to the Tacoma City Council for stepping out to get a handle on the development of the Shorelines Update now underway.

The Shorelines Update of the City Shorelines Master Program, is a state-required process.  The City of Tacoma must comply by the end of 2011, but is following an expeditious process to finish by the end of this year.

Deputy Mayor Jake Fey, representing District 2 which includes the port-industrial area and the industrial Shoreline Districts numbered S-7, S-8 and S-10, invited the Council's Economic Development Committee to a joint meeting with the Council's Environmental and Public Works Committee, which he chairs.

Economic Development Committee Chair, Councilmember Spiro Manthou, readily agreed to a future joint meeting, and strongly suggested that the City hold off issuing a draft Shorelines Update until after that meeting has occured.

If you're interested or impacted by the City's Shorelines Update (within 200 feet of the water), contact Gary Brackett or 253-627-2175 to get informed and involved.

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