Monday, March 22, 2010

Shorelines Roundtable With Councilmember Fey

Councilmember Jake Fey, who represents District 2 in Tacoma, met with members of the Shorelines Task Force in a roundtable discussion about the Shorelines Update process now underway.

This was Councilmember Fey's first meeting with the Shorelines Task Force and his first information on the issue since a notice some months ago that the City was developing the update.

Task Force members attending spoke of their concerns about proposed public access without consideration for public safety and security mandates, restrictions on expansion of facilities in industrial areas, restrictions on operational facilities in industrial areas where similar recreational infrastructure proposes to be allowed and the basic intent changes to make industry in industrial areas subject to impacts on subsequent non-industrial developments. 

Councilmember Fey asked if the group would accept an invitation for a roundtable at the Council's Environment and Public Works Committee which he chairs.  Task Force members were enthusiastic in their affirmation.

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