Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pierce County PALS/Public Works Taskforce Release Findings

Convening for the last few months at the request of Deputy Executive Kevin Phelps, the taskforce looked at function of Pierce County’s Planning and Land Services (PALS) and Public Works & Utilities (PWU) and suggested improvements. On the taskforce were: Dennis Hanberg of Apex Engineering; Rich Larson of Larson and Associates; Gareth Roe and Don Mellot of BCRA; Kathy Fewins of Investco; John Kanis of P.L.U.; Jim Hanson of the Bethel School District; Bob Damen of Sitts and Hill Engineering; Jan Smallenberg of TriPark Development; and Tiffany Speir of the Pierce County Master Builders Association.

The taskforce was concerned with streamlining the permitting and processing of land use and development entitlements. They investigated how improvements could speed up the permitting process and make it more reliable for users. Major issues identified and the taskforce’s recommendations regarding the organizational structure, systems and processes, code streamlining and the organizational/ leadership culture of both PALS and PWU are highlighted here.

Guest author: Arabie Jaloway-Hill

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