Monday, June 29, 2009

Payback Time - Count on It

Is $1,000 worth your effort?

If an economic interest doesn't influence your action, would knowing that the U.S. Constitution, at the behest of the drafting conferee Benjamin Franklin, contains a requirement for a decennial census, motivate you?

Yes, the Census is not just a pesky bureaucratic exercise in making the citizenry comply with data gathering wishes.

Besides, it serves useful purposes. It's the basis for most businesses marketing data. And, the Census is the basis for much of the grant allocations from federal program to states, local governments and non-governmental organizations. See how it's used in the recently announced Community Indicators.

And, it is also the basis of allocating the seats in Congress among states. It's been twenty years since Washington gained a seat. Another gain, to 10 Congressional representatives is very possible - if our state counts enough population in the 2010 Census.

So, the payback of $1,000 per person counted - or lost if individuals are not counted, is only part of the gain for full participation in the upcoming Census.

Remember, three things:
  • there are only 10 questions - so it's easy
  • it is safe and private, your info is not shared with anyone, not even the IRS or the ICE
  • it's the basis for Congressional seats and funding

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