Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Could Washington get another Congressional seat?

In a study released yesterday by Election Data Services, if current population trends continue, the West and South will see increases in their number of congressional representatives, while the Northeast and Midwest will decline by a similar number based on projected census data.  

According to the study, Washington is in the running for a potential new seat but it is a long (very long) shot.  In all instances, the numbers will be close.  From the report:

"A review of the last 5 seats/ next 5 seats calculations demonstrates the extreme closeness and volatility inherent in the 2010 population projections. At this point in time there are 13 seats from the same number of states that are vying for the last six seats in the 435 member congressional chamber.

"Six states are close to gaining an additional seat (Florida – 27th; North Carolina – 14th; Oregon – 6th: South Carolina – 7th; Texas – 36th and Washington – 10th), while seven states are very close to loosing a seat (California – 53rd; Illinois – 19th; Louisiana – 7th; Minnesota – 8th; Missouri – 9th; New York – 28th; Pennsylvania – 18th)."

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