Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tacoma Comp Plan Update

Last night, the Chamber testified at the Tacoma City Council public hearing about the update for the City's Comprehensive Plan Update.

The Chamber focused on plan proposed amendment, 2008-09 South Tacoma Manufacturing/ Industrial Center. The Chamber's comments were submitted by Gary Brackett, the Chamber's Manager for Business and Trade Development. His statement:

"Good evening, Mayor Baarsma and Councilmembers.

"I am Gary Brackett, Manager, Business and Trade Development for the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber.

"I speak tonight in favor of the South Tacoma Manufacturing/Industrial Center designation, as I have before the Tacoma Planning Commission.

"The Chamber supports the new designation because it will elevate that area into a regionally-recognized industrial center, and possibly qualify it for future transportation dollars. That will result in a more attractive location for companies and plants which will, in turn provide our community with more quality jobs and increased tax base.

"As our community continues to struggle with job creation to match our population growth, such initiatives by the City to increase the value of our land and our infrastructure are necessary. And, the best part - this designation does not impose on the community anything more than is currently allowed.

"Thank you for your consideration."

The Tacoma City Council still have several steps ahead with a first reading of the proposed ordinance on Dec. 2 and a final reading on Dec. 9.

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